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Power Man #19

Marvel | Back To Power Man | June 1974 | Volume 1 | USA
1st Cottenmouth (Cornell Cottonmouth), 1st Mister Slick

Basic Information
June 1974
Comic Age
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Issue Facts
  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp #64 - Sif
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Crossover/Story Arcs
Crossovers :
After a grueling night that involved the death of one of his informants named Flea, Luke finds a package in his office. When he opens it, he is surprised by 2 poisonous snakes who immediately go for his neck. With his unbreakable skin Luke isn’t in danger and easily ties the snakes in a knot. On the heels of the snake attack, two goons named Mike and Ike, come into his office and say their boss sent them. Soon after the 3 men start punching each other, destroying Luke’s office. After Luke finishes them off, he grabs the snakes and shoves them into Mike’s face. Mike will talk about who sent him or Luke will shove the snakes down his throat.

The scene changes to an plush mid-town office, the office of Cottonmouth. When there is a knock at the door, one of Cottonmouth’s associates answers the door only to be greeted by two goons being thrown in the room. Luke Cage makes his entrance and demands to see the leader of this organization. Then Luke Cage and Cottonmouth meet, the two men struggle and Luke realizes that this guy is as strong as him. After Luke calms down, Cottonmouth explains that he was testing Luke and would love to have him work in his organization. Cottonmouth admits to killing Flea but it was a mistake. Luke figures out that there is some tie between Cottonmouth’s drug organization and the people who framed him so he agrees to work for Cottonmouth.

As a test of his loyalty Cottonmouth asks Luke to go to a rival drug lord, Morgan, and retrieve some stolen “junk”. Luke Cage defeats several guys on the way to the safe with the drug stash. After blowing up the safe and loading his arms with several kilos of heroine Luke turns to see the drug boss, Morgan and his mob. Luke had planned to mark the drugs so that the police could use it as evidence against Cottonmouth.

Continued in the next issue

Ron C.
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