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1st Appearance of Martin, Heather, Edward and Duncan

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March 2018
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     Oblivion Song 

    A couple is desperately running for their lives trying to escape a monster in a strangely morphed version of a city. When a sniper fires a dart at the man and he disappears. The woman is shocked but continues fleeing for her life. The beast is gaining quickly when the sniper fires a dart at the woman and she is gone. Having lost his dinner the monster turns his attention to the sniper. The man tries clicking a device on his belt but it doesn’t work. While trying to escape he is constantly pushing the device button. When the situation became desperate he injected himself with a needle and disappears.

    In a different place, Bridget and Duncan try to calm the woman down. She is violent and wild trying to get away and see the man who was with her. Bridget sedates her as Nathan, the sniper appears out of nowhere. Nathan immediately starts complaining about the belt not working and that the two people he rescued from the Oblivion could help him get more funding.

    In a set of storage containers acting as an office, hospital, and lab the identities of the couple is determined, Thomas and Patricia Crenshaw. At a local hospital, the couple is reunited with their families and the press is reporting on their arrival. At a memorial to those lost to the Oblivion, a street preacher is screaming at the crowd while Nathan marks off the Crenshaw name. Nathan goes to the government to get more money but is flatly turned down. They fear that there could be another transference. Nathan and Heather fight over his reckless behavior and that he isn’t trying to save everyone, he’s trying to save his brother.

    In the moments before Nathan goes back into the Oblivion Duncan says he misses the sounds of everything in the Oblivion. Nathan tells him that it’s called the haunting and beautiful Oblivion Song. When Nathan is surveying the Oblivion at least three people are watching him, one named Ed.

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