DC | Back To Mister Miracle | April 1971 | Volume 1 | USA | 182 Owned
1st Appearance of Mister Miracle and Oberon

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April 1971
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     MURDER Missile Trap! 

    * 1st APPEARANCE "MISTER MIRACLE" (Scott Free)

    A young man named Scott Free comes upon Thaddeus Brown, an escape artist who bills himself as Mr. Miracle. Brown and his assistant Oberon, in the process of rehearsing an escape stunt are abruptly attacked by Inter-Gang thugs! Scott Free joins the fight and helps defeat the gangsters. Later, Scott learns that Brown has been challenged to perform the ultimate escape by Steel Hand, an Inter-Gang chief with a hand of metal. Free then demonstrates one of his own escapes to Brown and Oberon, enabled by a gadget from New Genesis. Later that day, Thaddeus Brown is shot by a sniper employed by Steel Hand, which is just the traumatic episode needed for Scott Free to take over the identity of Mr. Miracle and bring Steel Hand to justice. After Steel Hand's capture, Oberon becomes the new Mr. Miracle's assistant, and the new Miracle promises to continue Thaddeus Brown's escape-artist career.

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    Comic Cover for Mister Miracle (#1)
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