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Moon Knight. 1st Crossfire

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June 1979
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  • 1st Appearance of "CROSSFIRE" (William Cross)
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Stories May contain spoliers
 A Little Night Music 

Moon Knight teams-up with Mr. Fantastic and the Thing! While accepting an award at a ceremony on his behalf, Reed Richards witnesses an attempted assassination. Ben Grimm quickly goes into “Thing” mode, but not before Moon Knight arrives on the scene with answers and the location of the mercenary.

Crossfire plans to brainwash the Thing, and eventually the rest of the Fantastic Four, into battling the Avengers to the death. He hopes this will sway public opinion on superheroes to the negative when they see the death and destruction they cause. Luckily Moon Knight is around and helps Thing thwart Crossfire's plans.

Ben is coming out of an awards banquet when a man comes running up to him for help. A squad of machine gun toting costumed thugs races up, and they riddle the man, who dies in Ben's arms after telling him an address. An angered Ben starts taking out the thugs, and Moon Knight drops from the sky and joins the fight (he'd heard rumors in the underworld of the situation). The thugs don't last long, and Ben, irked by the appearance of 'yet another johnny-come-lately superhero', refuses to share the address. Moony leaves, and Ben heads for the street and a taxi.

Moon Knight changes into his Jake Lockley, taxi-driver identity in time to be able to give Ben a lift to the address. Ben bursts through the door to find more costumed thugs, and before the fight can even start Moon Knight drops through the roof and joins in. Again, the two make short work of the thugs. The two start to talk afterwards, and a video screen soon lights up, revealing the mastermind of the whole affair, Crossfire. The place fills with gas, and the two quickly black out.

They awake chained in a room, with machine guns trained on Moon Knight should Ben try to escape. While they are chained there, Crossfire tells them his master plan, which Ben can't do anything about without causing the death of the Moon Knight...

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Comic Cover for Marvel Two-In-One (#52)
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