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May 1976
Comic Age
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Issue Facts
  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp B75 - Amazing Spider-Man
  • * Killraven guest appearance
Issue Credits
Interior Artist
Cover Artist
Crossover/Story Arcs
Arcs :
Stories May contain spoliers

* Killraven guest appearance

Still in the past, Spider-Man laments over the hanging of innocent people during the Salem Witch trials, however his opponent in this time: Cotton Mather has been reduced to a catatonic state. Finding nothing left to keep him in the past, Spider-Man takes Dr. Doom's Time Machine and attempts to travel back to his own time.

However a malfunction in the device sends Spider-Man to the year 2019 and right smack in the middle of another conflict between Killraven, and minions of the Martian Masters who have taken over Earth in this era. Initially believing that Spider-Man is another agent of the Martians, he soon changes his opinion when the wall-crawler changes when Spider-Man helps Killraven take down a number of the Martian tripod crafts.

However when ground forces manage to get the drop on the two fast-allies, they are doused with a hallucinigenic gas which causes them to be haunted by visions. While Killraven is haunted by vision of Volcana Ash, who chides him over his quest for freedom taking away from his capacity of love, Spider-Man is haunted by visions of the Green Goblin and his guilt for having feelings towards Mary Jane so soon after Gwen Stacy's death. The two manage to fight off their hallucinations and realize that they also manage to fight off their attackers as well.

With their foes defeated, Killraven invites Spider-Man to join his Freemen, an offer which Spider-Man declines explaining that he has too many loose ends in his own time to deal with, and jumps back aboard Dr. Doom's time machine hoping that it will bring him back to his own time.
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Comic Cover for Marvel Team-Up (#45)
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