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3rd Appearance of Morbius, Human Torch Guest Appearance

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July 1972
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  • 3rd APPEARANCE of "MORBIUS" (Michael Morbius)
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Stories May contain spoliers

When Jefferson Bolt spends a night arguing with his brother Jacob about the merits of getting an education in a "white man's world", Hans leaves the argument. Jefferson then comes across the body of Morbius the Living Vampire washed ashore who revives and tries to feed on him. Meanwhile, Spider-Man swings through the city, when a sudden bout of illness causes him almost lose consciousness.

Meanwhile, at the Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four are visited by Martine Bancroft, who has come seeking Reed's help dealing with her fianc?, Michael Morbius. Johnny, remembering Spider-Man's earlier battle against Morbius, leaves on his own to find Spider-Man and seek his help, and to find Morbius' former partner, Hans Jorgenson. Meanwhile, Jefferson Bolt has been turned into a vampire by being bitten by Morbius and seeks to use his newfound power for crime.
Meanwhile a worsening Spider-Man decides to go and seek out Jorgenson himself. The two end up arriving at the same time interrupting Jorgenson's lecture, Jorgenson however takes them in and tells them all he knows about Michael Morbius. When Morbius next strikes, Spider-Man and the Torch are there to try and stop him, however things are complicated when Jefferson Bolt and members of Bert Tacker's gang intervene. However, during the fight, Morbius tries to feed on Jacob Bolt, forcing Jefferson to defend his brother.

Jefferson is killed when Morbius pushes him away, the shove causing him to strike his head on a rock. Morbius flees and the gang quickly disperses, while Jacob mourns the loss of his brother.
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Comic Cover for Marvel Team-Up (#3)
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