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Dr. Strange Guest Appearance

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May 1974
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  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp #33 - Invisible Girl
  • Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) guest appearance
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* Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) guest appearance

Spider-Man breaks up a mugging. Unexpectedly, the would-be victim hypnotizes him and sends him to Doctor Strange's house to steal the Crystal of Kadavarus. Befuddled by a spell, Spider-Man knocks an urn off a table, alerting Strange. The same spell makes a friendly Strange seem hostile to Spider-Man. In the ensuing altercation, Strange holds back. A strand of webbing pulls an idol off a shelf and onto his head. Spider-Man finds the gem and leaves.
Xandu (the mugging victim) uses the crystal to energize the Wand of Watoomb. He tells the still-ensorceled Spider-Man that he needs the wand to save his lady love, Melinda. Years ago, while still learning magic, Xandu accidently hit her with a mystic bolt and put her in a coma. Strange appears, having finally located Spider-Man. Xandu transports the three of them to his own dimension. Strange and Spider-Man (free of his spell) quickly learn that their powers don't work in this dimension. Strange secretly casts a spell to switch their powers: Strange catches Xandu in a web, and Spider-Man hits him with a full-face spell. The wand falls. Strange throws it away to drift in empty space.

Back on Earth, Strange the doctor examines Melinda. Rather than a death-like coma, she is in a coma-like death from which there is no return.

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Comic Cover for Marvel Team-Up (#21)
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