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FF/Storm/Black Panther (First Karma; origin Storm; X-Men x-over; Miller art)

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December 1980
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  • * 1ST APPEARANCE of "KARMA" (Xi''an Coy Manh)
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* 1ST APPEARANCE "KARMA" (Xi'an Coy Manh)

As Spider-Man web-swings home from Empire State University one evening, his mind is suddenly attacked by something that causes him to lose his grip and plummet many stories toward the ground. Desperately fighting off the mind-controller, by reflex alone he caroms from building to building, grabs a cornice, and comes to a stop. His unseen antagonist, a young woman standing in shadow on a nearby ledge, did not expect resistance and wonders whether she should continue to try to dominate him. She decides that there is too much at stake and renews her effort. Just then the cornice crumbles, and Spider-Man once more starts to fall. His fingers dig furrows into the wall as he strives to save himself. As the woman concentrates, she realizes that he is much more difficult to control than anyone she has attempted to possess before, but at last she succeeds. Spider-Man stops falling just three stories above the sidewalk. Mentally manipulating Spider-Man's body as if it were her own, the woman finds out that Spider-Man's fingers can adhere to the wall, and she climbs up to the roof. Reveling in her new-found agility, she soon learns how to use Spider-Man's web-shooters, and she tests them by pulling over a chimney with webbing. Then she discovers Spider-Man's superhuman strength, as she effortlessly crushes the chimney into powder. Web-swinging away, she can feel Spider-Man's mind fighting her own, and she realizes that if she remains in his body too long, she might be unable to leave it.

Already, she muses, she has begun taking on some of Spider-Man's surface mannerisms. At the Freedom Tower in New York's financial district, Reed and Sue Richards are attending a charity party hosted by Nguyen Ngoc Coy, a former general in the South Vietnamese Army who moved to the United States and in a short time became a multi-millionaire. The general has purchased many of Alicia Masters' sculptures, which are on display. Alicia herself, accompanied by Ben Grimm, is there, too. The general introduces Reed and Sue to his nephew, Tran, and Tran's younger brother and sister. The latter two recently escaped from Vietnam and can speak no English. Then the general snaps his fingers, and two of his servants, Lawson and Deruge escort the two children away. As they walk by Ben, he notices suspicious bulges under the servants' Jackets, and Alicia softly confesses that she does not particularly like her patron. Ben promises her that they will soon leave. As the children are led upstairs, they are watched by the mysterious woman through Spider-Man's eyes.
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Comic Cover for Marvel Team-Up (#100)
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