Marvel Spotlight #17

Marvel | Back To Marvel Spotlight | September 1974 | Volume 1 | USA | 0 Owned

Basic Information
September 1974
Comic Age
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Issue Facts
  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp #45 - Mantis
  • 1st Appearance of "SPYROS" (Adam K''ad-Mon)
Issue Credits
Interior Artist
Cover Artist
Crossover/Story Arcs
Arcs :
Stories May contain spoliers
 In The Shadow of The SERPENT! 

1st Appearance "SPYROS" (Adam K'ad-Mon)

As the fire-creature Kometes threatens to destroy the Earth in the modern era, Son of Satan, Katherine Reynolds and Byron Hyatt are 20,000 years in the past in Pre-Cataclysm Atlantis trying to learn of a way to stop the creature. Taken prisoner and brought before King Kamuu and Queen Zartra.

They demand that Daimon show how his trident works, but when Daimon refuses they order they be banished at sea. Daimon reclaims his trident and uses his hellborn powers to facilitate and escape aboard a boat. There Byron questions the reality of the situation, believing it all to be an illusion, which incurs Son of Satan's wrath. Son of Satan is then contacted by Zhered-Na, who takes him to the Prime Matrix so that he may find a way to stop Kometes. There he battles the Matrix's guardian, a being known as Spyros. During the fight Spyros throws his axe a Daimon, however it misses and strikes Kometes, killing the demon, and eliminating it's danger in the modern era.

With his mission a success, Daimon is reunited with the others and they all return to their own era to find that the disaster had been averted.
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