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March 1974
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  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp #5 - Dracula
  • 1st Appearance of "Katherine Reynolds"
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1st Appearance "Ikthalon" (Leader of The Legions of Boreas)

Returning home from a night out as the Son of Satan, Daimon Hellstrom returns to his home at Fire Lake and changes back to his mortal guise. The next day her receives a letter from Katherine Reynolds at Gateway University, asking for Daimon's exorcism expertise. Daimon calls Katherine to get the facts of the situation: He is told that the Communications Building of the university has been plagued with super-natural incidents, which include levitating objects, blue flames that do not burn, and sightings of an ice-like demon wandering the halls. Daimon accepts the job and travels out to the university the following day.

There, Daimon meets with Katherine and sets himself up for the night, and instructs her that no matter what happens she is to stay away from the Communications Building. That evening Daimon changes into the Son of Satan and goes to investigate the building in question, putting a mystical ankh symbol outside to keep any demonic entities in the building. There he is attacked by ice demons and brought to the realm of Boreas, leaving his trident behind. There Son of Satan is confronted by Ikthalon, the ruler of that dimension.

Ikthalon easily over-powers Daimon and traps him in a block of ice, and he and his demons travel back to the Earth dimension, there however they find their path barred thanks to the ankh symbol outside. However, when Katherine and the university janitor arrive on the scene, the janitor washes away the ankh away thinking it graffiti, allowing the demons to escape.

Attacking the two, Katherine makes a grab for Daimon's trident, which burns at her touch. However, he contact with it allow Daimon to make a connection with the trident and command it to transport him back to Earth's dimension, freeing himself. With his trident back in hand Daimon battles off the ice demons, however Ikthalon grabs Katherine and demands that he allow Ikthalon safe passage for the girls safety. Daimon agrees, however when Ikthalon lets her go, Daimon incinerates the ice demon with a hell-fire blast, telling him that he is the son of the lord of lies, and obeys no agreement.

When Katherine thanks Daimon for his help, he slaps her in the face for her interference and leaves telling her that they will discuss his payment in the morning.
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