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1st Appearance of Doctor Light (Arthur Light)

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June 1962
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  • * 1ST APPEARANCE of "DOCTOR LIGHT" (Arthur Light)
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Answering his JLA signal belt, Snapper Carr arrives at the Justice League sanctuary to find only a new costumed foe, Doctor Light. Light explains to Snapper that he had built a device that uses light to transport it's victims to other dimensions. After banishing Aquaman to another world, he used the heroes signal device to get the rest of the Justice League to meet and banished them to other dimensions as well. After forcing Snapper to write the final case file of the Justice League, Light uses his powers to freeze Snapper.

Meanwhile, each hero finds themselves trapped on a different world: Aquaman on a world where there is no water, Martian Manhunter on a world of fire, Flash on a crystal world where there is no balance, Wonder Woman on a world where the brain functions differently, Green Lantern on a world that is entirely yellow, Superman on a world with a red sun, and Batman on a world where his scientific gadgets will not work. However, things are not as they seem: Before being banished to other worlds, Superman and Batman were working together on a case and Superman had used his x-ray vision to see ahead and learned of Dr. Light's plot and so he and Batman traded costumes.

Having been banished to Batman's intended world, Superman is able to get away and rescue the others and bring them back to Earth. There they save Snapper and split up to capture Dr. Light. However, each group finds that they have only caught duplicates of Dr. Light. However, Green Lantern manages to find the real Dr. Light by using his power ring to make it look as though he was destroyed by Light so that he could track and find the real Dr. Light and capture him. Snapper decides to keep the case titled "The Last Case of the Justice League!" because the date which Dr. Light had chosen to attack the League was April 1st, April Fool's Day.
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Comic Cover for Justice League Of America (#12)
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