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1st Appearance of Despero, 1st JLA in Own Title

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November 1960
Comic Age
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  • 1st APPEARANCE of JLA in OWN Title
Interior Artist
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Stories may contain spoilers
 The World of No Return 
While out on a drive, Barry Allen investigates a strange blue glow coming from a house, and ends up encountering Jasonar and Saranna, beings from the dimension known as Kalanor. Changing into the Flash, Barry learns that these aliens come from another dimension which has been under the rule of Despero, a despotic ruler who has access to super weapons. Jasonar and Saranna had come to Earth to build a device which would absorb the weapons' power source. Offering to help, the Flash calls the Justice League together for a meeting in order to help Jasonar and Saranna in their mission to stop Despero.

When Saranna is kidnapped by Despero, Flash rushes to JLA headquarters to find the rest of the team under Despero's power. Despero offers the Flash a chance to save his friends by planning a version of chess which involves using cards to move the pieces. Each chess piece represents a different JLA member, if they land on a free square each member is set free and Despero will leave Earth and give up his conquest. However, if the pieces were to land on a disaster square, the Flash would have to leave Despero alone to complete his conquest of Kalanor.

Flash eventually loses due to Despero's tampering and is forced to leave in Jasonar's dimensional traveler, while each JLA member was transported to a different world. As Despero gloats over his victory, he is totally unaware that the he has been observed by Snapper Carr.

While in the furthest reaches of the universe pairs of JLA members escape from their various perils: Wonder Woman and Superman escape from a world of prehistoric dinosaurs; Green Lantern and Aquaman save an aquatic planet from a super weapon before escaping in a power ring spawned rocket; Martian Manhunter and Batman save another planet from being destroyed by a missile. Afterwards, all the JLA members reunite and are determined to track down and stop Despero.

Meanwhile Jasonar had completed his energy absorber weapon to use against Despero, but the villain shows up and uses his powers to immobilize Jasonar. When all seems lost, Snapper emerges from Despero's dimensional transporter (having stowed himself away on it) and uses the energy absorber on Despero, rendering him inert. The Justice League arrives shortly after to find that the villain had been defeated by their honorary member. Jasonar thanks the JLA for their help (who also congratulate Snapper) and Jasonar returns to his home dimension with the inert Despero
 The World of No Return! 

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