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1st Appearance of the Destroyer

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July 1965
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  • 1st Appearance "THE DESTROYER" (Destroyer Armor)
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 To KILL A Thunder God! 

1st Appearance "THE DESTROYER" (Destroyer Armor)
Having save the life of Kim, the sister of a Viet Cong general, he brings her to a US military base in Vietnam for protection before leaving for a private place to check and make sure that all the mystical stones that he has come looking for are there. Loki however, has been manipulating events drawing a crooked and abusive explorer to stumble upon Thor and knock him out with sleeping gas and take him hostage, hoping that he could ransom Thor off for money.

This explorer has been in the region investigating strange and out of place Norse artifacts and soon deciphers their inscriptions to find that they unearth a long buried Asgardian tomb. Playing right into Loki's hands, the explorer enters the tomb and finds the Destroyer, an ancient suit of enchanted armour. Loki then uses his magic power to transfer the explorer's soul into the armour bringing it to life.
When Thor revives later, he is advised by the natives of what had happened and tracks the explorer back to the tomb where he finds the man's inert body. He is soon attacked by the Destroyer, and Thor finds that his strength and hammer have no effect on it. Loki soon realizes that the Destroyer will do more than destroy the jewels that prove that he cheated at the "Trial of the Gods" but also destroy Thor as well. This realization also leads Loki to believe that Odin's wrath would lead to an investigation in Thor's death which would implicate himself as a mastermind. With this, Loki begrudgingly realizes that he will have to save Thor from the Destroyer. Seeking to trick Odin into stopping the Destroyer, Loki is horrified to find that Odin has entered the uninterpretable Odinsleep to recharge his powers. His attempts to rouse Odin are stopped by his royal guard and Loki is locked in the dungeon.

Back on Earth, the battle between Thor and the Destroyer rages on, with Thor constantly on the defensive, until he is trapped when the Destroyer briefly changes the floor into liquid and back to solidity once again trapping Thor in it. On Asgard, Loki attempts to break free of his cell, but is stopped once more and shackled as well. Finally, back on Earth, the Destroyer wanting to be returned to his own body sends a final mystical blast towards Thor, one he hopes will destroy the Thunder God.
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Comic Cover for Journey Into Mystery (#118)
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