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Appearance and Cover with Magneto (10/64)

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     When MAGNETO Strikes! Story 2: Banished from Asgard! (Tales from Asgard) 

    Our tale begins with Thor visiting a local fair where a statue honoring him is on display with statues of other heroes from the New York City area. Thor is flattered, and is invited to visit the opening ceremonies. He then leaves to return to his mortal guise of Dr. Donald Blake.

    Meanwhile, in a hidden craft (disguised as a floating log) in New York Harbor, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants are attempting to locate the secret base of their foes the X-Men. Learning that their enemies are in New York somewhere, Magneto sends Mastermind, Toad, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch into the city to locate them. Launching them in a submersible craft, Magneto then uses one of his new devices that causes many metal objects in the city to suddenly float in there air. Of the many panicked people witnessing the strange phenomenon is Don Blake, who -- after the abrupt end of the event -- goes out to locate its source as Thor.
    Using his hammer to track the source of the power, Thor stumbles upon Magneto's hide out and confronts the master of magnetism himself. Magneto, thinking Thor is a mutant, at first offers Thor a chance to join him and enjoy his vast wealth. When Thor refuses Magneto then attacks him, separating Thor from his hammer in a steel room long enough to cause Thor to revert back to his moral guise.

    As Donald Blake, he just barely manages to avoid all of Magneto's traps until Magneto is otherwise distracted from a distress call from his Brotherhood of Evil Mutant minions who are engaged in a battle against the X-Men and are requesting assistance. Taking advantage of this free moment, Blake manages to recover his walking stick and change back into Thor.

    Thor resumes his attack on Magneto, easily overpowering the foe, who manages to escape to a lower level of the craft where a Proton bomb is stored. Magneto is about to use the bomb to destroy Thor, but suddenly he is stopped and chased out of the ship by the X-Men.

    Thor observes Magneto escaping in a submarine with the X-Men in pursuit, and decides to find the escape hatch to the ship. Upon doing so he discovers the proton bomb and that the X-Men saved his life by rendering it useless. Thor exits the craft and uses his power over the storms to destroy the ship and returns to the city.

    Meanwhile, Magneto has managed to elude the X-Men, and speeds off to rejoin his comrades, while back in the city Thor resumes his moral guise and pay Jane Foster a visit. She feeds him supper and the two go out for a night out on the town.

    I have the British version of this comic, which is not valued on the web site. The cover is still attached, although I should modify the grade (may do so at Comic-con this year).
     Banished From Asgard! 

    A "Tales of Asgard" back-up story.

    As stated on the splash page:
    "Presented by the greatest names in illo-dramatics! Stan Lee, author. Jack Kirby, illustrator. Vince Colletta, delineator. Sam Rosen, letterer. Living proof of the titanic talent which has made this series such a smashing success!" - Pending Approval
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    Comic Cover for Journey Into Mystery (#109)
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