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First Appearance of Enchantress & Executioner

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April 1964
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  • 1st Appearance of "ENCHANTRESS" (Amora) and "EXECUTIONER" (Skurge)
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Stories May contain spoliers

Enchantress (Amora) (First appearance)
Executioner (Skurge) (First appearance)
Thor arrives back in 20th century New York from his trip to the future. Exhausted, he returns to his medical office and transforms back into Dr. Don Blake. Jane Foster, Blake's nurse, arrives for work moments later, and leads him to the couch for a nap. As he sleeps, he dreams of his recent battle with the Tomorrow Man.

In Asgard, Odin complains that he is unable to drive the love for Jane Foster out of Thor's heart. Seeing an opportunity, Loki comes up with a plan to win Thor away with someone more desirable. He enlists the aid of the Asgardian goddess Amora, called the Enchantress.

Once on Earth, her great beauty captures any men who see her. Arriving at Blake's office, she tricks him into kissing her so that Jane will see it. Jane leaves, slamming the door behind her, and Blake follows.

Realizing she has failed to capture Thor's affection, Amora returns to Asgard and enlists the aid of the Executioner, Skurge. She orders the giant warrior, who is in love with her, to find and exile Jane.

Having gone to Jane's apartment and found her gone, Blake reverts to Thor and heads to the police commissioner's office. There he learns that the Executioner is rampaging through the city, and sets off to stop him. Meanwhile Skurge has found Jane, and uses the power of his axe to open an inter-dimensional doorway and banish her to a misty, shadowy Limbo.

Thor arrives and the Executioner offers to return Jane to Earth in exchange for Thor's hammer. Thor agrees, and Jane is freed. But when Skurge attempts to lift the hammer, he can not because of the enchantment that is on it. Suddenly his limbs begin to transform into wooden branches.

Seeing his betrayal, the Enchantress turns the Executioner partially into a tree. She then tries to use her magic to transform Thor's hammer into a serpent. But her magic is unable to defeat the mystic protection Odin has placed on the hammer. Using the hammer, Thor creates a vortex which carries both Amora and Skurge back to Asgard.

Thor then sees Jane, and, as Blake, joins her. From Asgard, an angry Odin vows that Thor will no longer defy him, and that he must act now against his son.
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