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New Iron Man

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May 1983
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     "And Who Shall Clothe Himself in Iron?" 

    Synopsis for "And Who Shall Clothe Himself in Iron?"

    A besotted Tony Stark is unable to don the Iron Man armor and confront the villain, Magma, who is attacking Stark International. As a result, Jim Rhodes dons the armor. Rhodes is unable to effectively manipulate the armor, but ultimately recieves timely advice from Morley Erwin and eventually the armor's inventor, a drunken Tony Stark himself. When Rhodes is initially unable to stop Magma, Obadiah Stane sends his Knight to stop Magma (as he destroying Stark International which will soon change ownership to Stane, himself). In the ensuing chaos, Rhodes defeats the Knight, but allows Magma to slip inside Stark's lab. Magma is prepared to kill Stark, but Stark urges an entering Rhodes to utilize the repulsors on the armor's hand gaunlets. This allows Rhodes to finally defeats Magma. As the story comes to a close, to Rhodes surprise, Stark refuses to resume the role of Iron Man. Leaving to "relax" and "have some fun", Stark leaves his factory and his armor in the care of Jim Rhodes. At story's end, Rhodes is seen phoning the Avengers telling them that he is resigning from the team.
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    Comic Cover for Iron Man (#170)
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