Marvel | Back To Iron Man | September 1969 | Volume 1 | USA | 183 Owned
1st Madame Masque. New character in Agent Carter season 2

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September 1969
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  • 1st Appearance "MIDAS" (Mordecai Midas)
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 The Beginning Of The END! 

1st Appearance "MIDAS" (Mordecai Midas)
Returning from Africa, Iron Man is struck by simulated lightning fired by Midas' henchmen while Madame Masque sets explosions at Stark Industries, which unintentionally reactivate the LMD Stark recently used to fool the Mandarin. Rendezvousing, Madame Masque and the henchmen return to Midas' compound where Morgan Stark is waiting. At Cord Manufacturing, Alex Nevsky listens to the news and is interrupted by Janice Cord. He romances her until the radio reports that Tony Stark has emerged from the wreckage at Stark Industries. Morgan Stark also hears this and Madame Masque stops him from leaving so Midas can teach him a lesson in loyalty. Iron Man awakes in the Nevada desert and returns to Stark Industries to find the LMD waiting in his office. It explains that it will make a better Tony Stark and Iron Man, and, having changed Stark's filed signature and fingerprints, throws Stark out as an impostor. With his identity stolen Tony can't cash checks or buy clothes, and is even kicked out of Avengers Mansion by Jarvis when he can't supply the proper entrance code. With his chest plate running low on energy, he uses a parked car to charge it. but is chased away by police and picked up by Madame Masque.

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Comic Cover for Iron Man (#17)
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