Iron Fist #4

Marvel | Back To Iron Fist | April 1976 | Volume 1 | USA | 0 Owned
A CGC 9.4 sold for $41 in Jun 2007

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April 1976
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  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp B61 - Dracula
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As Iron Fist battles Radion, the radioactive being reaches critical mass causing an explosion. Watching the situation on television, Joy and Ward Meachum and their hired man Steel Serpent comment on the situation. Steel Serpent believes that Iron Fist had survived the explosion and hopes to kill him with his own hands.

Steel Serpent's prediction rings true, Iron Fist does survive the explosion, however is at risk of dieing of exposure to radiation, however with the spiritual goadings of Yu-Ti and his mother, Iron Fist uses his mystical might granted to him by Shao-Lao heals himself. Back on his feet he is startled by the activation of a video diary of Henri Sorel the scientist that became Radion. He explains how he came to become Radion and how he had constructed a device to cure himself. Iron Fist realized that Radion had come to cure himself when he had attacked.

Tracking down the creature, Iron Fist battles Radion through the General Post Office Tower, tricking the unstable Radion into falling into his own machine and activating it, turning him back into Sorel once more. The repentant Sorel feels terribly about the death and destruction he wrought as Radion and passes out from exhaustion.
 The Rampage of Radion! 

Radion reveals that by destroying his suit, Iron Fist has triggered an irreversible chain reaction. Radion has the power of a hydrogen bomb, and when he dies, London will be destroyed.

Meanwhile, in New York the Meachums and the mysterious man from last issue watch the battle on TV. The mysterious man reveals that because Iron Fist has the power he desires, he will kill him.

Back in London, Iron Fist lies at the brink of death, trapped under fallen debris. However, an apparition of Yu-Ti appears before him, inspiring him to channel the power of the Iron Fist to heal himself.

A nearby TV reveals the origin of Radion. He was once a scientist, Hernri Sorel, searching for a cure for radiation poisoning. A group of goons, hired by Ward Meachum, attempted to extort the cure from him, in order to exploit the cure for economic gain. He refused, a fight began, and he was dowsed with chemicals, turning him into Radion. Radion’s crimes are motivated by his desire to find a cure for his condition.Iron Fist finds the anti-radiation device Radion was going to use to cure himself.

Misty Knight tries to escape from hospital, but complications from her bionic arm cause her to collapse. Radion and Iron Fist continue to fight. Iron Fist manages to kick Radion into the anti-radiation device, turning Radion back into a human.
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