Marvel | Back To Infinity Gauntlet | July 1991 | Volume 1 | USA | 1445 Owned
Avengers, Dr. Strange, Warlock, Silver Surfer, Thanos & Mephisto Appearance

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July 1991
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    Thanos and Mephisto walk together while the latter extols Thanos with praise. Thanos silences Mephisto agrees with his accolades and says no one can stop me.

    At the home of Doctor Stephen Strange, he is enjoying dinner and a book when the noise of an intruder interrupts him. Rushing upstairs Dr. Strange finds that Silver Surfer has crashed through his roof with a somber warning, “Thanos is coming”. Silver Surfer tells Stephen that Mistress Death resurrected Thanos so that he would kill half of the population of the universe. She gave him augmented powers to accomplish her mission.

    After months of deliberation, Thanos has come up with a plan as to how he wants to direct the destiny of the universe. What should he do with unfathomable power and knowledge, anything he wants. To highlight this, he explodes the planet that he is walking on and continues walking.

    Silver Surfer explains where Thanos came up with the idea and how he obtained the Infinity Stones. (see Thanos Quest 1 & 2) Because the Mad Titan isn’t bound by the laws of nature and has become the most powerful being in the universe, it could mean the end of all things. Thanos stole Surfers spiritual essence until Adam Warlock was able to help.

    Mephisto and Thanos appear in the Hall of Death to talk with Mistress Death. She hasn’t forgiven Thanos and turns away from him, angry that she is his love slave. He tries to prove that his love is worship by building her a shrine. Continuing he promises her the entire universe and again she turns away. Still trying to prove himself Thanos uses his granddaughter Nebula to create a being held between life and death. For a third time Mistress Death turns away, her mouthpiece speaks and Thanos destroys it. Mephisto reminds Thanos of his promise to kill half the universe for Lady Death and so he does it.

    From all places in the universe half of the life, animals, and humans is extinguished. Silver Surfer can feel the billions and billions of lives being killed and it’s overwhelming.
    - Ron C.
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