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January 1993
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 Act of Faith 
As the Green Lantern Corps struggles to fight Entropy, Hal Jordan is forced to stop his own comrades from attacking, knowing that if their green energy beams hit the void of entropy, years of their lives will be sucked away. When Hal is zapped by Entropy, he hears a voice begging him to help free somebody from their black imprisonment, which confuses him.
Ganthet warns that Entropy hopes to divide the Corps, knowing that he cannot defeat them when they are united. Unfortunately, the secretiveness of the Guardians of the Universe breeds distrust in the Corps, and they are only further divided. Seeing his chance, Entropy extends an invitation to join him. This moves the Guardians to finally reveal their full purpose, understanding that their secretiveness has hurt their relationship with the Corps.
Ganthet explains that the universe was created in a big bang, and will eventually collapse into a singularity at its end - but that singularity will eventually bring about another big bang, ad infinitum. Unfortunately, Krona's meddling with the beginning of time has made it so that there will be too little mass and gravity to produce a new singularity once the end of the universe comes. The guardians have calculated that their work can preserve just enough of the cosmos' energy to sustain the infinite.
Angrily, Entropy attacks the Central Power Battery of Oa, reducing the lanterns' power. He claims that the Guardians are liars, and that the end of the universe is ultimately the end of all things. Hal challenges both Entropy and the Guardians to prove their claims. Instead, the Guardians reveal that Entropy is actually Krona himself. In Hal's last encounter with Krona, he was transformed into Entropy.
With the Guardians and Krona arguing, the Corps turn to Hal for leadership, so long as he can promise that there will be no more secrets. Ganthet then pleads with Hal to help the Guardians build the "Epoch of Dynamic Guidance." Hal decides that while he cannot trust the words of the Guardians as truth, he will trust them on faith, because he believes in peace and duty. The Corps unites behind him, and attack Entropy.
Entropy orders his minions to spread randomness and disorder among the Corps. Hal notices, realizing at last that it is order that Entropy fears. He decides that he should reach into the entropy with his ring, and see if he can communicate with the voice he heard earlier. When he does this, he comes in contact with Betty Clawman, one of the New Guardians. Then, the Chosen appear, promising to sacrifice themselves for order, so that the New Guardians can live. They reveal that only unity and order can destroy entropy.
With this knowledge, Hal gathers the corps in a unified force, and they attack a single point on Entropy. Together, they blast him with their Green Lantern Rings, which apparently destroys him. Finally, the New Guardians are returned to life. Seeing this success, the Guardians return to their more pleasant appearances, revealing that the new Corps have finished their training, and that there must be more recruits.
Hal, John Stewart, and the Guardians agree to try not to keep secrets from each other anymore. Ganthet recruits Percival to seek out more candidates for the Green Lantern Corps, and to help the New Guardians recuperate. Later, Hal and John decide that all they can do is their best, and have faith when it comes to following the Guardians.
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