Marvel | Back To Ghost Rider | June 1990 | Volume 2 | USA | 553 Owned

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June 1990
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  • First appearance of Blackout (Lilin).
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Interior Artist
Cover Artist
Crossover/Story Arcs
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Stories May contain spoliers
 Do Be Afraid of the Dark 

The Cypress Pool Jokers are being chased through the alleys by the Kingpin's men, who want to know where the canisters they stole the prior week are. As one of the men is about to kill one of the kids, the Ghost Rider roars out of the darkness. He punches Craig in the face once, leaving him a bloody mess, then using his chain, tears into the rest of them. Grabbing Eldon, Ghost Rider gets back on his bike and races up a building. The Rider wants to know why these canisters are so valuable, but Eldon doesn't know. Giving Eldon his penance stare, the Ghost Rider sears his soul, and then races away. In Jamaica Estates, Detective Lorretti is watching the news, when the TV and lights go out. Sensing trouble, he gets his gun, but it's no use against the creature lurking in the darkness. Blackout tells Frank that if he doesn't cooperate, his wife and son will suffer. Frank tells him what he wants to know, then Blackout kills them all anyway. The next day, Blackout goes to the offices of International Contractors Unlimited, the front for Deathwatch's operation. There he updates Deathwatch on what he's found out. In the hospital, Dan is visiting Barbara, and tries to talk to her about what's going on with him and the Ghost Rider. That night, at the home of Ralphie, he's playing Nintendo, when the game and the lights go out. He calls for his parents, but there's no answer. Not having a flashlight, he tries to light a match, but there's no light coming from it, even though it burns his hand as if lit. He hears a scream and goes into the hall, where he is met by Blackout. Ralphie tells him that he wants his parents, and kicking away from Blackout, finds their dead bodies in their room. Blackout knocks him through a window, but the Ghost Rider is there to catch him. Blackout leaps at him, but Ghost Rider grabs him and tosses him away. Picking up a shovel, Blackout swings for his head, but Ghost Rider shatters it easily. Blackout grabs Ghost Riders wrist, and throws him through the wall of the house, using those seconds to get away.
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Comic Cover for Ghost Rider (#2)
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