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1st Appearance of Heat Wave

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November 1963
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     The HEAT is On...For CAPTAIN COLD! 

    * 1st APPEARANCE "HEAT WAVE" (Mick Rory)

    Barry Allen and Iris West are watching Dream Girl, a local television personality, and Iris notices that Barry is paying real close attention to the actress and voices her dislike of this. Barry, explains to her that he "met" the Flash who told him an interesting story about the Dream Girl program. He recalls how the Flash was asked to go to the Willens and Kohl law firm. There, Henry Willens, the senior partner of the firm asked the Flash to help him find the long-lost daughter of the recently deceased millionaire Wilson Varner. His last will asked that his daughter is found so that she can receive 2 million dollars in inheritance and Central City get donated ten million. The only clue to go by is an old photograph of the girl which clearly shows a distinct birthmark on her neck.

    Finishing his story, Barry has explained that he was just trying to help the Flash out, Iris is less than impressed but accepts Barry's story. When they turn the TV back on they get a news report about Captain Cold escaping from prison. Barry ends his date with Iris and goes out looking for Captain Cold as the Flash. Cold meanwhile recounts how he's escaped from prison after becoming obsessed with Dream Girl and is determined not only to continue his criminal career but also try to win the heart of Dream Girl.

    While out on a robbery, Captain Cold once more clashes with the Flash, who has his old foe under wraps until another costumed criminal, named Heat Wave, attacks the Flash and assists Captain Cold in escaping the scene with his stolen loot. At Captain Cold's hideout, the master of absolute zero learns that Heat Wave used to be a fire-eater who then turned to crime and would like to work together with Captain Cold, an idea that Cold likes and he agrees to take him on as a partner in crime. The partnership between the two is instantly strained when Heat Wave also admits that he is seeking to win over the heart of Dream Girl as well.
    The two crooks then come to blows and their fight leads right out into Central City where the Flash once more attempts to stop them. Even though the two villains use their unique weapons against the Flash, the Fastest Man Alive still manages to beat them in combat and turn them over to the police. He then goes to Dream Girl's home and learns that she is the daughter of Wilson Varner and that she hides her birthmark using makeup. Rushing her to the law firm, her identity is legally verified and she is awarded her inheritance.
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    Comic Cover for Flash, The (#140)
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