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June 1987
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     "Happy Birthday Wally!" 

    Synopsis for "Happy Birthday Wally!"

    Third World Liberation Army (First appearance)
    Eugenie Hedstrom (First appearance)
    Dr. Aikens (First appearance)
    Dr. Cummings (First appearance)
    Harold Halston (Only appearance; dies)
    Dr. Peterson (First appearance)

    Wally's Titans friends throw a surprise party for his twentieth birthday. During the party, he gets an emergency call from the hospital. He is needed to deliver a heart for a transplant patient, writer Eugenie Hedstrom, from New York to Seattle. He convinces the doctors to give him health insurance in return for his help.

    While passing through Wyoming, he witnesses Vandal Savage throttle a private investigator to death.

    After delivering the heart and speaking with Hedstrom, Wally flies back to New York. The Third World Liberation Army attempts to hijack the flight, but Wally stops them, spraining his wrist in the process. Upon returning to his apartment, he discovers that a lottery ticket he had purchased before the party just made him a millionaire. Then he notices a present he had not seen before. Opening it, he discovers a human heart. Vandal Savage is in his apartment.

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    Comic Cover for Flash, The (#1)
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