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1st Appearance of Satannish

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November 1968
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  • 1st Appearance of "SATANNISH"
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Stories May contain spoliers
 The Power And The Pendulum! 

Deciding that Clea needs a place of her own while living on Earth, Dr. Strange takes her out to show her the outside world, however after she uses her powers to banish a gawker, Strange has to quickly usher them to saftey from a mob and use his mystical powers to erase their memories. Back at his Sanctum, Strange finds a telegram asking that he is to go out and visit a Lord Nekron in England.

Traveling there with Victoria Bentley, Strange meets with Nekron along with Victoria. However, during dinner Victoria's drink is drugged and it's revealed that Nekkron is a follower of Satannish. One night while summoning Satannish he was granted more and more occult power each day for a whole year, where he would find an equally adept mystic to become Satannish's slave or put his soul in forfeit. Having chosen Dr. Strange, the two battle, however Dr. Strange proves too skilled for Nekron, and when his time is up, Satannish claims his soul instead of Strange's. After the battle, Victoria revives, and she and Dr. Strange part company.

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Comic Cover for Doctor Strange (#174)
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