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1st Appearance of Martian Manhunter

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November 1955
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     * If I Were BATMAN * The MONEY That Came To Life * The Strange Experiment Of DR. ERDEL 

    * 1st APPEARANCE "J'ONN J'ONZZ" (Martian Manhunter) in Story 3 "The Strange Experiment of Dr. Erdel"

    STORY 1) Three men take the place of Batman while the real Caped Crusader is away, as part of an "If I Were Batman" contest run by the Gotham Gazette, and gangsters attempting to break John Larrow out of jail intend to capitalize on the occasion.

    STORY 2) Roy Ramond in another "Impossible" TV Adventure

    STORY 3) When Dr. Erdel uses a “robot brain” and teleportation system of his creation to capture and retrieve something from space, it brings a green-skinned Martian named J’onn J’onzz to Earth. After both introduce themselves to each other, J’onzz asks Erdel to return him to Mars. Erdel replies that he cannot do that, since it might take years to reverse his computer’s program. The Martian, knowing he must adapt his appearance to that of humans, uses his chameleon-like powers to make himself look like a brown-haired Caucasian human male. Seconds afterward, the shock of the preceding events takes its toll on Erdel’s weak heart. With his last breaths, Erdel asks J’onzz to forgive him for making him a prisoner of Earth. Then he dies.

    J’onzz muses that the Martians are working on a “Project Star-Ride” for interplanetary travel. But until that project is completed--however long that may take--he is bound to Earth. He Americanizes his name to John Jones. Then, going to the seaside, he uses his Martian mind-over-matter power to extract gold from seawater to give him working capital. John Jones then takes a tour of the Earth, sometimes using his powers of invisibility and immateriality to conceal his presence.
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    Comic Cover for Detective Comics (#225)
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