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1st Appearance & Origin of Huntress (Helena Wayne) Daughter of Batman and Catwoman.

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December 1977
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     * The Origin Of GREEN ARROW! * The Secret Of The QUINTILE CRYSTAL! * From Each Ending A BEGINNING! 

    * Story 1: A gunman who was formerly employed by John Deleon, to whom Oliver Queen lost his fortune, holds a woman hostage at gunpoint aboard the deck of a ship. Green Arrow opposes him!
    * Story 2: Superboy learns of the Legion's first case, in which the three original Legionnaires had to recover the Quintile Crystal from an alien ambassador who had stolen it.
    * Story 3: This story is the first appearance of the Huntress. The Huntress will soon become a member of the Justice Society of America and an associate of Infinity, Inc. She appears next in All-Star Comics #69 (published concurrently with this issue).
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    Comic Cover for Dc Super-Stars (#17)
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