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1st Appearance of Mister Fear

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August 1972
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  • 1st Appearance of "MISTER FEAR" (Lawrence Cranston)
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Stories May contain spoliers
 The Sinister Secret of Project Four! 

As they patrol the city, Black Widow is suddenly gripped by a bout of fear causing her to fall, DD saving her. Taking her back home, she begins telling the story about her mission with Danny French to obtain a powerful item known only as Project 4. The story is interrupted by the arrival of Matt's friend Larry Cranston who has come to introduce him to Jason Sloan, who operates a law office in San Francisco.

Following this introduction, Matt goes out on patrol as DD and is himself struck with a bout of sudden fear causing him to crash into a building. The same thing happens to the Black Widow while at her job at a fashion magazine. The two meet up and Black Widow continues telling her story about Project 4.

About how she and Danny French broke into the lab where it was being held, and taking it, a globe of incalculable power. Explaining that they were double-crossed, Danny decided to keep the globe himself. Realizing that they should get it from him, the two heroes spring off into action only to be struck down by another bolt of fear that leaves DD falling to his doom.

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Comic Cover for Daredevil (#90)
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