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July 1969
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     Call Him...FEAR! 

    1st Appearance ("Starr Saxon" AS "MR. FEAR")
    Faking his own death in a plane crash of his own making, Matt Murdock has decided to live only under the identity of Daredevil. Showing up at the D.A.'s Office to find his walking stick, he finds a grieving Karen Page, who wants to keep it as a keep-sake. DD then follows her home, and sneaks in at night while she is asleep and steals it back.
    After a brief fight with some common thieves and giving a brief assist to Spider-Man, Daredevil soon hears about a challenge being posed by his foe Mr. Fear. He eventually accepts Fear's challenge and the two get into a fight, however during the course of the combat, DD suddenly becomes a coward and runs away.

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    Comic Cover for Daredevil (#54)
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