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1st Appearance of Nuke - Born Again Tie-in

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July 1986
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     God and Country 

    As Urich writes the stories, the Kingpin becomes increasingly obsessed with killing Murdock, and eventually he uses his military connections to procure an maniacal American super soldier named Frank Simpson, or Nuke. To draw Murdock out of hiding, he arranges for a violent mental patient to be released from an asylum, dress up as Daredevil and kill Nelson. Nurse Lois is ordered to relocate so that she cannot implicate him, but she rebels and attempts to kill Urich on her own merit. Murdock, who has been shadowing Urich since hearing of the articles he is writing on the Kingpin's treachery, knocks out Lois and leaves her for the authorities. He then overhears a phone call to Urich which tips him off to the plot to kill Nelson. At the same time, Page spots Scorcese once again stalking Nelson's apartment building for Karen. To prevent his killing Nelson and her, she runs outside to meet him, and they are attacked by hit-men who the Kingpin has ordered to kill anyone who emerges from the building (since they likely know he is Daredevil). The Daredevil imposter soon arrives to find Murdock waiting for him. Murdock defeats the imposter and saves Page. Page confesses that she was the one who gave away his secret identity, but Murdock tells her he has moved beyond the loss of his material possessions. They move into a derelict apartment, where Murdock helps her through heroin withdrawal while supporting them as a diner chef.
    Regaining consciousness and getting brought in to the authorities, Nurse Lois offers to testify against the Kingpin in exchange for a reduced sentence, but Fisk instead has her killed by a Daily Bugle reporter sent to supposedly interview her. Having failed to draw Murdock out of hiding, the Kingpin orders Nuke to make a general flat-out assault on Hell's Kitchen. Nuke shoots down dozens of civilians and destroys the diner where Murdock used to work. Appearing as Daredevil for the first time since his apartment was destroyed, Murdock is left with no choice but to kill both Nuke and his helicopter pilot in order to avoid further civilian deaths. However, Nuke survives his attack, and the Avengers arrive at the scene to take Nuke into custody.
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    Comic Cover for Daredevil (#232)
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