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Origin of Gladiator

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July 1966
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  • 1st Appearance of "GLADIATOR" (Melvin Potter)
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 There Shall Come A GLADIATOR! 

1st appearance "Gladiator" (Melvin Potter)
In order to continue tricking Karen Page into thinking that he is Daredevil (and win her affections), Foggy Nelson has shown up at the costume shop, when he meets it's temperamental owner, he asks the man to make him a Daredevil costume in his size. Taking Foggy's measurements, the costume maker sends Foggy out, to come back for the costume later. After Foggy leaves, we learn that the man hates costumed-heroes because they are "swaggering braggarts!" Thinking that anybody can be a hero or villain, the costume maker now feels ready to prove his theory.

Meanwhile, after some exercise at home, Matt Murdock shows up for work to find that Foggy is still pretending to be Daredevil, which worries him. That night, Foggy picks up his costume, and the costume maker -- picking up on Foggy wanting to impress a woman -- offers to help him put on a mock battle in his Daredevil costume as a new costumed villain. Foggy eagerly agrees and then tries on his new costume at home, not knowing that the real Daredevil has been watching him the whole time.

As Foggy takes Karen out on a date (little knowing they're being followed by Daredevil) the costume maker has made his own costume in an attempt to be a real villain, dubbing himself the Gladiator, he goes out to the designated meeting place for their battle. When Foggy puts on his Daredevil costume and fights the Gladiator, he soon realizes that the Gladiator is playing for keeps. Realizing that Foggy was faking the whole time Karen flees to get help just as the real Daredevil arrives to fight off the Gladiator.

When Karen gets to their office, she faints in front of their landlord and is rushed to a hospital. While back at the pier, Daredevil leaves the scene after the foe is defeated, leaving Foggy to explain the situation to the police. When Foggy realizes that Karen isn't there, he realizes that maybe she figured out his whole story was a lie. Meanwhile, Matt finds out that Karen has been taken to a hospital where he goes to find that she's being treated for exhaustion.

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Comic Cover for Daredevil (#18)
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