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Masked Marauder

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May 1966
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  • 1st Appearance of "MASKED MARAUDER" (Frank Farnum)
  • SPIDER-MAN (Peter Parker) Appearance
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Cover Artist
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Stories May contain spoliers

1st appearance "Masked Marauder" (Frank Farnum)
As Foggy, Matt and Karen watch news footage of Spider-Man's battle against the Masked Marauder, the discussion turns to where Daredevil has been and each person's opinion of the masked hero. Meanwhile, the Masked Marauder is organizing his next plot, having his men dress up in Daredevil costumes hoping to have them trick Spider-Man into attacking the real Daredevil while they plan their next heist.

The trick works and while Spider-Man is occupied fighting Daredevil, the Masked Marauder and his men steal the plans for the XB-390 engine. As they make their getaway, Daredevil manages to subdue Spider-Man and make an escape of his own. The next day when Spider-Man, as Peter Parker, reports at the Daily Bugle he learns of the robbery and so goes out as Spider-Man thinking that Daredevil was still involved in the heist.

Web-swinging across the city, Spider-Man's spider-sense detects Daredevil in the vicinity, when he looks in a window he sees Foggy, Karen and Matt and deduces that only Foggy Nelson could possibly be Daredevil and so he busts and grabs Foggy demanding answers... This story is continued next issue.

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