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1st Appearance of Paladin

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January 1978
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  • 1st Appearance of "PALADIN"
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Stories May contain spoliers

Mort knows that the Purple Man is responsible for his manipulation and legal troubles. Therefore he spends his life savings hiring the mysterious Paladin to hunt down Killraven. Paladin's trail leads him into a collision course with Daredevil who has also been searching for Killgrave for some time. Paladin and Daredevil battle. They eventually end their feud and compare notes on their cases. The two part in somewhat congenial fashion.

Heather Glenn visits her distraught and speechless father, Maxwell Glenn, in jail. Glenn is in a sad state of affairs and Heather is heart broken. After a surrel dream Matt Murdock goes to Heather's empty apartment. Murdock has decided that he must explain to her that he is Daredevil and that his unique senses have convinced him that Maxwell Glenn is innocent and under the mental influence of the Purple Man. Matt is unmasked in Heather's apartment, when the phone rings. It is the jail telling him that Maxwell Glenn has committed suicide. Matt hears this news as Heather enters her apartment..
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Comic Cover for Daredevil (#150)
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