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1st Appearance of Angar the Screamer

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June 1973
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  • First Appearance of "ANGAR The SCREAMER"
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Stories May contain spoliers
 Mind Storm! 

Returning to San Francisco alone, the Black Widow deciding to join the Avengers (following the events of Avengers #111) Matt ends up busting up some crooks. However, he suffers some hallucinations after the fight.

Daredevil soon realizes that crime he was busting up was a robbery of the Rolling Stone magazine offices. After the fight DD agrees to be part of an interview with the editor Jann Wenner. Their interview is interrupted by more hallucinations, this time a little more personal and involving DD's rogues gallery.

Finding that nobody else but himself remembers the hallucinations, when the next one happens, DD orders everyone to stay in the building. Outside, DD is greeted by Angar the Screamer, whose super-powered vocal chords created the hallucinations. Angar challenges DD to a fight.

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Comic Cover for Daredevil (#100)
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