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1st Appearance of Captain Marvel in own Title

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May 1968
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  • 1st CAPTAIN MARVEL (Mar-Vell) in own comic
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Continued from Marvel Super-Heroes #13.... With the Sentry rampaging across the Cape, Captain Mar-Vell decides that the Sentry's rampage would jeopardize his mission to learn all he can about the human race, and suspects that the Sentry's revival is due to Yon-Rogg's tampering.

As Captain Mar-Vell (whose name is believed to be "Captain Marvel" to those at the Cape) protects the base (and more specifically security officer Carol Danvers) from the Sentry's rampage, aboard the Kree ship above Earth, Una tries to free herself. Unable to do so, she settles for listening to the reports given by her robot, which is linked into the battle computers. While this is occurring, the landlord at the hotel Mar-Vell is staying at, suspicious that Mar-Vell may be a foreign spy, snoops around Mar-Vell's room for proof. Finding Mar-Vell's carrying case, he sets off a device inside.

At first Mar-Vell's attacks on the Sentry prove to be no effect, and any damage caused to the robot is instantly repaired. However, when Mar-Vell and Carol are trapped in a force field erected by the Sentry, Mar-Vell manages to destroy it by using his Uni-Beam to first smash open the robot, and then uses it's magnetizing device to make the Sentry's inner workings contract on itself, deactivating the robot.

With the Sentry defeated, Yon-Rogg attempts to have Mar-Vell punished by his superiors and contacts Ronan the Accuser to pass judgement on Mar-Vell's actions. Ronan however, denies Yon-Rogg of the desired recourse as the mission was not jeopardized due to Mar-Vell's actions. While back on Earth, the humans at the Cape thank "Captain Marvel" for helping them, Mar-Vell allows them to believe him to be a costumed hero for the sake of his mission and leaves before they can ask anymore questions, leaving Carol to wonder when she will see "Captain Marvel" again.

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