Marvel | Back To Captain America | October 1989 | Volume 1 | USA | 492 Owned
1st full Crossbones.

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October 1989
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     Blood in the Sea 

    The globe-spanning hunt for the legendary Bloodstone fragments finds Cap and Zemo on a South Sea island. But instead of the Bloodstone fragment, they might find death, for joining the hunt is a sinister fellow by the name of Crossbones ( 1st Full Appearance of CROSSBONES ) !

    Off the Bermuda shore, an undersea battle is in progress among Captain America, Batroc, Machete, and Zaran; when suddenly a school of sharks decides to join the action! Meanwhile, Diamondback sneaks on board Baron Zemo's yacht and pilfers two of the bloodstone jewels. At the end of the day, Cap and Diamondback have two of the five bloodstone jewels and Baron Zemo has one. The hunt for the remaining two continues in Egypt. First appearance of Crossbones. Back up story: "Conflagration" Part 3 of the Night of the Scourge. The U.S. Agent battles Scourge, but only one of them will be left standing by night's end!

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    Comic Cover for Captain America (#360)
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