Marvel | Back To Captain America | May 1988 | Volume 1 | USA | 352 Owned
1st Appearance of Lemar Hoskins as Battlestar

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May 1988
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 In Our Midst! 
The Serpent Society inducts their newest members, the four snake-themed villains from the Vegas heist, not suspecting the Trojan Horse they've welcomed into their midst. As soon as Fer-de-Lance is alone, she activates a beacon and her employer, Viper teleports in to join her. Together they begin an infiltration to take over the citadel. Viper impersonates Black Mamba to get close to Sidewinder while he's in bed and bites his neck to inject him with lethal venom. Sidewinder gets to his teleporting cloak in time to escape to Diamondback's room and she gets him a universal anti-venom as quickly as possible, but he remains severely debilitated due to the venom's effects. They teleport to the control room to see on the monitors their new recruits along with some other infiltrators spreading throughout the citadel and the rest of the Serpents don't stand a chance. Diamondback gets an idea of someone that can help regardless of them being criminals and makes a call to Captain America's hotline.
 Free Speech 
During the cleanup at the Vault, a black guard approaches Bucky with his concerns that accepting the legacy of Captain America's sidekick when they have the same powers, they're the same age, when he's actually taller than Cap, and especially with "Buck" being a racist term in some places just isn't a good look for one of the few black superheroes. Lemar takes the concerns back to the Commission and they agreeably outfit him with a new costume and identity as Battlestar just in time for the duo's official debut ceremony to the public. Captain America's speech to the assembled crowd in front of the Washington Monument admits that he's the original Captain's successor, though the story spins it as if his predecessor retired willingly. Battlestar's introduction is interrupted when a helicopter flies over and drops in two similarly costumed men introducing themselves as Right-Winger and Left-Winger, though Cap and Battlestar recognize them as the other two former BUCkies. In an obnoxious display of revenge, the Wingers grab the mic and reveal John Walker's secret identity to the crowd. Cap and Battlestar tackle their former comrades before they can blurt out Lemar's name too and the four fight an even battle before the secret service arrives to settle things in the government's heroes' favor. As the Wingers are taken away, they smugly attest that they won by making the sellouts look bad and that they're just getting started.
Tony Stark returns to his office to find a disgusted Captain there waiting for him. Steve returns the adamantium shield, refusing to use something that was meant to bribe him while Iron Man could commit reckless crimes out of his self-centered need to keep his tech out of the hands of others. That decision forces Steve to take a significant handicap in the ensuing fight when he attempts to take Tony in for those crimes. Stark attempts to make the case for his mission, but fails to be convincing, so he uses his armor to disable his opponent and flies off after promising that Cap won't be able to find him again until after his war is complete, and they can debate the ethics of it then. As he's picking himself up, Steve ponders whether it's worth continuing to chase Iron Man down at the cost of ignoring more urgent threats, and if he even has the power to confront the armor if he could find him. Bitterly, he accepts that he'll have to let the rogue Avenger go for the time being.
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CAPTAIN AMERICA #341B Newsstand Edition
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