Captain America #195

Marvel | Back To Captain America | March 1976 | Volume 1 | USA | 0 Owned

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March 1976
Comic Age
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Issue Facts
  • This issue should contain Marvel Value Stamp B42 - Incredible Hulk
  • 1st Appearance "TINKERBELLE" member of "Elite"
Issue Credits
Interior Artist
Cover Artist
Crossover/Story Arcs
Arcs :
Stories May contain spoliers

* 1st Appearance "TINKERBELLE" member of "Elite"

Captain America and the Falcon break out of the labor pen when they become surrounded by the 'new society's' soldiers. Cheer Chadwick, the daughter of the man in charge of the elites, takes an interest in the two and gives them a tour of the installation buried under American badlands that Gen. Argyle Fist is currently using a 'hound-dog' sonar seeker to attempt to locate. Cheer stops the elevator at a mob demonstration where a computer-generated image portraying a leader incites a crowd to violence. A 'love machine' (gallows with an effigy touting a placard which reads 'Freedom Freak') is raised and the crowd destroys the effigy with iron bars. Captain America asks Cheer about the location of the Big Daddy madbomb when suddenly TinkerBelle appears and easily knocks out Captain America and Falcon. She disagrees with Cheer's assessment that Cap and Falcon won't last more than a minute in the arena because they don't understand what it's like to fight without a sense of fair play. However, TinkerBelle never disobeys the elite, and so she lifts Captain America and Falcon up under her arms and takes them off against her better judgment to attempt to turn them into serviceable arena combatants.

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