Marvel | Back To Captain America | December 1968 | Volume 1 | USA | 215 Owned
Trapster Appearance

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December 1968
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  • TRAPSTER Appearance
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Captain America is in another exercise training, using his shield to deflect explosive missiles when he is visited by a SHIELD agent and asked to complete another mission for the spy agency. Captain America initially refuses, tired of being a hero and wanting to have a normal life with the woman he loves. The SHIELD agent tells Cap that his mission involves rescuing Sharon Carter, who has been captured. Upon hearing the name of the woman he loves, Cap changes his tone and demands to know what's happened. The SHIELD agent tells Cap he doesn't know, but provides him with a homing device that allow Captain America to track her to where she is being held in the city.
Unknown to Captain America, Sharon is the prisoner of the Trapster, who has captured Sharon to try and get information out of her regarding Project Fireball. Sharon refuses, even though the Trapster has her pasted to a table and threatens her with his paste gun if she doesn't reveal the information he needs to provide to his employers.
Meanwhile, Captain America tracks Sharon's signal to a section of the city that is being torn down for urban renewal, and finds the entrance to the Trapster's lair hidden behind some rubble of a partially demolished building. Suspecting a trap, Cap smashes open the door and just narrowly avoids a jet of paste meant to trap intruders. Believing that there might be more paste on the steps, Cap makes a jump for it and realize that whoever set these traps anticipated this as he grabs a pipe suspended over the stairs and find that it has been coated with paste.
The Trapster takes this moment to reveal himself and attempt to attack Captain America, but Cap shows him that even though his hands are stuck he's far from helpless. Smashing the pipe free, Captain America manages to fight off the Trapster, and get on the defensive. When the Trapster brings the roof down in front of Cap, blocking his way, the Avenger manages to free his hands. Before he can figure out what to do next, a trap door opens and Captain America falls on a spinning cylinder covered in the Trapsters paste. The Trapster then activates a device that causes the cylinder to spin at a great speed and tells Sharon that Captain America will be destroy if she continues to refuse to talk. Before the Trapster can do anything more his control panel suddenly short circuits and explodes.
Furious at this sudden setback, he goes down to check and see what happened to Captain America to find that the hero broke free. Cap gets the jump on the Trapster and beats him into submission. With his foe sprawled on the floor, Cap demands that he tell him where Sharon is, however the Trapster kicks a switch that drops a cylinder around Cap and it fills up to his neck with paste, trapping him.
He explains to Cap that he has been trying to collect information on Project Fireball for his employer, the Red Skull so that they can sabotage it. When the Trapster attempts to dispose of Captain America by spraying him with a chemical, it instead causes the paste trapping Cap to become brittle and break. Captain America then beats the Trapster into submission again, knocking him under a vat that ironically covers him in his own paste.
When Cap rushes up to the Trapster's control room he is surprised to find that the girl pasted to the table is not really Sharon Carter at all, but a Life Model Decoy of her. The Real Sharon comes out of the shadows and reveals that she allowed the Trapster to capture the LMD that was programmed to act just like her, and that while Cap was fighting him she was the one making sure all of his traps were sabotaged. With the mission over and Sharon save, the two lovers embrace.
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Comic Cover for Captain America (#108)
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