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1st Captain America.

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Basic Information
March 1941
Comic Age
Cover Price
Interior Artist
Cover Artist
Stories May contain spoliers
1st Appearance "CAPTAIN AMERICA" (Steve Rogers) and his Shield.
1st Appearance "BUCKY" (James Buchanan Barnes)
1st Appearance "AGENT X-13" (Elizabeth "Betsy" Ross)
A short prologue outlines the young men of America joining the army and the threat of the fifth columnists, the nazi spies hidden deep within the American forces. Two fifth columnists in American uniform blow up a local munitions factory that is supplying the local army camp.
Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., two army generals visit president franklin Delano Roosevelt and inform him of the threat. They note how every command he makes is sent back to Germany and nothing can be kept secret, even amongst his closest aides. The president asks them what they intend to do. He recommends sending a comic hero like the human torch into the army, and brings in a man named mister Grover, the head of the federal bureau of investigation, who has a plan.
The men all change into their civilian clothes and into a car, where they are taken to an old curio shop. An old woman greets them armed with a gun. She informs them that the formula has been found and it won't disappoint them this time. A man, dressed in lab clothes greets them and ushers them into the viewing gallery of a secret lab, where a frail young man is attached to a machine, and the old woman tears off her mask revealing x-13, one of the best agents. The young man is injected with a liquid and starts to grow until he is above the normal human physique. The doctor also notes that his intelligence and strength are being increased. The doctor christens him "Captain America" and tells him that his duty is to protect the American shores from nazi spies and saboteurs.
Suddenly, one of the army officials, secretly working for the Gestapo, pulls out a gun and shoots the doctor, professor reinstein. A second shot then obliterates the serum that gave Captain America his powers, meaning no more super soldiers can be created. He lets out a third shot, hitting Grover, before cap bursts through the glass and beats him into submission. The barely conscious spy stumbles into a large electrical device, shocking him to death.

Cap, now in uniform, is told to have been taking out all of the Nazi threats, while the newspapers wonder "Who is Captain America?".
Meanwhile at an army camp (Lehigh) the mascot James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes shows a private named Steve Rogers a news report of caps latest victory, saying how he'd love to meet him. That night, he walks in on Steve changing into the Captain America suit, preparing for more exploits. Having made this discovery, Steve says Bucky must keep his identity secret and he asks if he would like to be his sidekick. They suit up and together run off to stop nazi threats.

 Untitled Story - Sando and Omar 
A new show, titled "Sando and Omar", shows up at a local theater. For the show, Omar is said to show the future on a large crystal ball. When commanded by Sando to look into the future, the crystal ball shows an attack on Fort Bix. An audience member confirms that Fort Bix was just blown up.
Steve and Bucky read about the show in the newspaper, so they decide to investigate. They go to the show, where Omar now predicts the falling of the Hilltown Bridge. Steve and Bucky change into costume and attempt to get to the bridge, but are unable to get there in time. Captain America and Bucky storm the stage. Omar runs off, so Bucky chases him while Cap punches Sando.
After dealing with Sando, Cap follows a scream he just heard. He finds some Nazis holding Bucky and a woman who introduces herself as Betty Ross hostage. Sando comes in and reveals himself as Von Krantz, who has been using his show to lower US moral. Cap and Bucky spring into action and beat up the Nazis. Once everyone is safe Cap and Bucky run off into the night.
 Captain America and the Soldiers' Soup (Text Story) 
Steve wakes up when he realizes he can no longer hear the footsteps of the sentry. He steps out and sees the sentry dead, so Steve changes into his uniform. Now changed, Cap hears two figures talking about having just killed the guard and their plan to kill more soldiers.
The two go to the cookhouse and mention that they're going to poison the soup. Cap tackles the thug and begins to fight. After a moment Bucky joins Cap, and they defeat the thugs. Soldiers begin entering the cookhouse so Bucky and Cap flee.
The next day the sentry, who had actually been stunned rather than killed, reveals what happened to him, and the thugs confess their plan to poison the soldiers.
 Untitled Story - Nazi Chessboard 
A man named Rathcone is looking over a chessboard with pieces modeled to look like important figures in the US. Rathcone moves some pieces and says that Admiral Perkins, who is giving a lecture soon, must die. He orders his thugs through a microphone, and two of them go to kill the Admiral.
Steve and Bucky go to the lecture, but when the stage curtains open Admiral Perkins is dead on stage. Steve and Bucky change into Uniform and chase after the killers. Bucky catches the killer and begins fighting him but loses. Cap jumps in to save Bucky, and they question the thug. After some resistance the thug says he'll talk, only to be shot by his partners. Cap and Bucky chase the killers, but can't keep up.
Later, Rathcone declares that General Ellsworth will die next. A large agent, named Number 13 but also given the nickname "The Strangler", is given the assignment.
Back at Camp, Steve and Bucky are given guard duty over General Ellsworth. When they check in on the general, they find he's already dead.
Rathcone decides that Cap and Bucky must be killed next, but he first wants them brought in alive. The Strangler visits Bucky and says he'll give Bucky clues regarding the killer if Bucky follows his directions. Bucky follows the instructions and gets to the hideout. He sees the chessboard just as Rathcone comes in, and Rathcone declares his intent to rule the US as a dictator. Rathcone trips and knocks Bucky out with his cane.
Steve goes into Bucky's tent and finds a note that Bucky left. Steve changes into uniform and finds the hideout. Strangler tries to jump Cap, but Cap knocks him out. Cap finds Rathcone holding Bucky hostage. Cap flips over the chessboard and then knocks out Rathcone as he's distracted. Rathcone's henchmen swarm the room, but are defeated by Cap and Bucky. Cap calls the FBI and then he and Bucky leave.
 Captain America and the Riddle of the Red Skull 
1st Appearance "The Red Skull" (George Maxon)
Steve and Bucky drop off Major Croy at his home. Steve offers to stay with the Major, who had just received a threatening letter from the Red Skull. Major Croy dismisses the threat as a prank. Later that night the Red Skull comes in and kills the Major with his Stare of Death. When the Police find the Major's body they are unable to determine the cause of death. Red Skull is listening outside the window and gloats about his success.
Steve and Bucky change into costume, but Cap then tells Bucky to stay at the house. Bucky ignores this and decides to go search by himself. Bucky manages to find the Red Skull's hideout just as Skull his telling his henchmen to rob the First National Bank. Bucky falls off the roof and into the thugs as they're leaving the hideout. They take him into Red Skull, who recognizes that he's Cap's partner, and decides to hold Bucky hostage. Cap then bursts in, and he and Bucky beat all of the henchmen, but Red Skull escapes.
Later, back at Camp Lehigh, Mister Maxon from Maxon Aircraft Corporation comes for a demonstration of one of his new planes. During the test, the plane catches fire and crashes. Maxon laments the crash of the plane but shows no remorse for the men inside, which Steve takes offense at. General Manor, who was at the test, goes home and finds a package containing a Red Skull as well as a threatening letter. Manor dismisses it as a joke just as the Red Skull comes in and kills Manor with a death stare. Mrs. Manor comes in with a gun but drops it when she sees her husband dead on the floor. Cap bursts into the room and fights with the Skull. Skull hits Cap with a chair, knocking Cap out. Skull goes to kill Cap with the death stare, but Bucky comes in and kicks the Red Skull away from Cap. Bucky wakes Cap up, who then beats the Red Skull. They reveal that Maxon is the Red Skull, and find a hypodermic needle that he used to kill his victims. The Skull attacks but in the scuffle, he rolls over the hypodermic needle and dies. Cap and Bucky call the FBI and then they leave. When the FBI investigates they find a letter from the Fuehrer that promises Maxon "all American industry" when the Third Reich conquers the US.
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Comic Cover for Captain America Comics (#1)
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