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1st Full Appearance of Damian Wayne

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October 2006
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  • 1st Full Appearance of Damian al Ghul (Damian Wayne)
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 "Batman & Son, Part 2: Man-Bats of London" 

Synopsis for "Batman & Son, Part 2: Man-Bats of London"

Jezebel Jet (First appearance)
Damian al Ghul (First full appearance)

Bruce Wayne attends the Action for Africa fundraiser in London, where he meets African princess Jezebel Jet. They admire the comic book art on display while he flirts with her. Bruce shows his cynical side discussing the problem of poverty, and she agrees to meet with him again.

Alfred is waiting outside when he sees Kirk Langstrom and his wife Francine kicked out of a moving van. Langstrom explains that the League of Assassins forced him to give over the Man-Bat Serum, and everyone is in terrible danger.

Alfred rushes inside to throw Bruce a suitcase containing the Batsuit. Man-Bat Commandos burst in through the windows to attack the fundraiser. They begin slaughtering the guards, and Bruce leaps in as Batman. The Man-Bats attempt to kidnap the Prime Minister's wife, but Batman takes down all six of them. Many more arrive, and Alfred evacuates the building with Jezebel. Batman uses super-sonics and takes out 30 of them, but they overwhelm him and knock him out.

Batman wakes up in an underground lair, somewhere in the London sewer, next to the tied-up Prime Minister's wife. Man-Bats hold him as Talia al Ghul approaches. She explains that with her father dead, she has taken over the family business. Talia reminds Bruce of a night "under the desert moon above the tropic of cancer" when they made love. Batman replies that he remembers being drugged and raped as part of a "depraved eugenics experiment." It's revealed they have a ten-year-old child Talia hasn't told him about, raised by the League of Assassins his entire life. Talia leaves Batman to get acquainted with his son, and promises to "hold the whole world hostage to a new kind of terror." Damian Wayne approaches his father with a sword at his throat, and says he imagined him taller.
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Comic Cover for Batman (#656)
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