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1st Appearance of Deadshot

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June 1950
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     * The MAN Who Replaced BATMAN! * The FORBIDDEN Cellar! * BATMAN In The Future! 

    * 1st APPEARANCE "DEADSHOT" (Floyd Lawton)

    * "The Man Who Replaced Batman!" is considered to be an early Earth-One Batman story, because Deadshot is an Earth-One character without an Earth-Two counterpart.

    STORY 1: A new hero arrives in Gotham City and his name is Deadshot. His main goal as Gotham's new vigilante is to upstage Batman as the prime crimefighter and for this purpose he has trained intensively in marskmanship. While the public starts out wary, they eventually grow to like Deadshot; guns and all. The Dynamic Duo remains suspicious of his motivations however, and for good reason: It turns out Deadshot plans to become the new crime lord of Gotham by taking out Batman.

    When Batman tries to warn Commissioner Gordon about the situation, he doesn't believe him due to Deadshot's clean record. However, Batman manages to make Deadshot confess after he is unable to kill Batman, even after shooting him at point blank range. Deadshot is subsequently arrested and his days of crime are over.

    STORY 2: The legend of a cursed cellar of an old building in Gotham starts to spread and the citizens of Gotham try to debunk the myth. For this purpose, people enter the cellar to prove the curse is false, but after going inside the people exit the cellar with their minds gone and acting on a murderous frenzy. This scene repeats a couple of times and Commissioner Gordon asks Batman to enter the cellar and find out whatever is turning people crazy.

    Batman goes inside and he finally discovers that there is a poisonous mushroom inside the cellar, which turned people into crazy maniacs. After an investigation of the plant, Batman finds the criminal mastermind and puts an end to curse of the forbidden cellar.

    STORY 3: After capturing the Joker, Batman and Robin ask him about his ultimate motives for crime and he tells them that his ancestors were also criminals. Bruce and Dick ask Professor Carter Nichols to send them back in time to the past, but Nichols makes a mistake and sends them to the future.

    In the year 2050, Batman and Robin meet with a descendant of the Joker called Rokej, who is in fact the chief of police. The Dynamic Duo soon start working with Rokej and to capture some space pirates who had been stealing from rockets in space. Batman and Robin are allowed to build their own rocket and they build the Bat-Ship, which allows them to capture the space pirates.

    When Bruce and Dick return to the present, they realize that the Joker's descendants will no follow his own path of crime, but that it doesn't mean the Joker will stop being a criminal.

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