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1st Silver Age Riddler Appearance

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May 1965
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  • * 1st Silver Age "RIDDLER" (Edward Nigma) APPEARANCE
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* "RIDDLER" Appearance (Edward Nigma)

The Riddler has finally been released from prison following his last defeat at the hands of Batman and Robin. While in prison, he has thought of a new way to committ crimes. However, when he reads the newspaper, he learns that Batman has been busy trying to catch the Mole-Hill Gang. Wanting Batman's undivided attention, the Riddler approaches Batman and Robin telling them that he's reformed in prison and that he wishes to help them catch the Mole-Hill Gang.

With the Riddlers aid, Batman and Robin eventually do catch the Mole-Hill Gang, however two days later, they receive a riddle from the Riddler while at the Police Athletic League picnic in Gotham Park. However, this time, and all subsequent riddles given to the dynamic duo after the fact lead them to the Riddler conducting legal business. This is all orchestrated by the Riddler in the hopes of discrediting Batman and Robin, and hopefully that the next time he compulsivly gives them a riddle for a real crime they'll think it's a false alarm and not bother.

However, when the Riddler robs the safe of the Ox Club, he is stopped by Batman and Robin, however before they can take him away, the Riddler activates a device that makes his body unable to being hurt while keeping him on his feet like a roly poly toy. However, Batman finds the exact place to shut off the device, then quickly punches out the Riddler, and sends him back to prison.

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