DC | Back To Batman | April 1943 | Volume 1 | USA | 7 Owned
1st Appearance of Alfred - He did not have the Pennyworth last name yet.

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April 1943
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  • 1ST APPEARANCE of "ALFRED" (Alfred Beagle)
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Stories May contain spoliers
 * The JOKER Reforms * The Grade A CRIMES! * The Adventure of The Branded TREE * HERE COMES ALFRED! 

* 1ST APPEARANCE "ALFRED" (Alfred Beagle)

1* In Gotham City, Batman and Robin confront the Joker and his gang after an almost successful robbery, but they aren't able to capture them.

2* An "Early Bird" crime wave hits Gotham City during the eerie hours before dawn. As Batman and Robin investigate the crime scenes, they find a pattern; the crimes happen between 3 to 4 a.m.

3* When Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are fishing on the countryside, they witness some city criminals attacking some lumberjacks and they get into action as Batman and Robin. The thugs are after one tree that was marked, but as they weren't able to stop the lumberjacks from cutting it, they decide to infiltrate the lumber mill and prevent the log from being destroyed. Batman and Robin learn of their scheme and try to stop them, but this time they aren't successful and the thugs manage to knock them down and retrieve a special box from inside the marked log. When Batman and Robin recover, the thugs are forced to hide the box inside a roll of printing paper before leaving the lumber mill.

4* A ship from England arrives at Gotham City. The passengers descend to mainland after a long voyage and two among them are most notable. The first one is the Duke of Dorian, who acts very strangely. The second man is a well mannered, stout fellow, who fancies himself an amateur detective. Outside of the ship, a group of thugs is waiting for the arrival of the Duke, but they mistake the polite, fat man for the Duke and they attack. Batman and Robin appear in the scene and the crimials are forced to escape after they are beaten by the dynamic duo and the fat man, who is fascinated to meet such important detectives as Batman and Robin. The english man tells the duo how much he would like to work with them and Batman tells him to contact them whenever he needs, before leaving the place.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce and Dick have a laugh at the amateur detective because they know that there's no way he could contact Batman and Robin. At that moment, the doorbell rings and Bruce answers the door, revealing the fat fellow outside their house. The englishman enters Wayne Manor and informs Bruce that he is Alfred, son of Jarvis, the Waynes' previous butler and he has come all the way from England to fulfill his father's last will of following the family's tradition and become Bruce Wayne's butler.
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Comic Cover for Batman (#16)
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