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1st Appearance of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel

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September 2012
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  • 1st Appearance of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel
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 "Spider-Man & Captain Marvel" 

Synopsis for "Spider-Man & Captain Marvel"

Robyn Hood (First appearance)
Carol Danvers (First appearance as Captain Marvel, Released July 11, 2012)
This issue chronologically follows first appearance of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, but is published one week prior. Her second appearance is in Captain Marvel Vol 7 #1 Released July 18, 2012.

Other Key First Appearances:
As Carol Danvers - Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 1 #13 March 1968
As Ms. Marvel - Ms. Marvel Vol 1 #1 January 1977
As Binary - Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 #164 December 1982
As Warbird - Avengers Vol 3 #4 May 1998

Despite being late, Peter takes a flight with Carol Danvers, the new Captain Marvel, to Boston in her plane to visit his Aunt May. In the air, Carol offers to tell him a secret about herself if Peter will share one with her. Carol admits that she understands her place in the world best when she is flying a plane. Uncomfortable about opening up, Peter is embarrassed to tell her a secret about himself.

Carol sees a girl flying past them, whose jetpack is fizzling out. After changing into their costumes, Captain Marvel plans to stall the engine so that they can get close to her without hitting the propeller. Spider-Man climbs out and sticks to the wing of the plane, where he catches her as she flies into him.

Now that she's safe, Spider-Man asks her who she is, but she hasn't come up with a name for herself yet. Suddenly, a missile comes flying towards them. They evade it safely, but the person who fired it at them claims that the woman is a felony suspect who he is trying to apprehend. The girl tells them that the person firing missiles at them, a man in an armored suit, is an agent of Blackbird Security working for National Federal Bank, which she has robbed.

Spider-Man takes the girl with him and jumps onto the Zakim Bridge below them while Captain Marvel attempts to land onto the bridge. After landing, she immediately gets into a fight with the Blackbird agent until the police arrive and break it. As for the girl, Spider-Man webs her up so that she can't escape. She wishes to return the stolen money to the citizens, so Spider-Man likens her to Robin Hood, inspiring her to name herself Robyn Hood. As Captain Marvel and the Blackbird agent argue, a police officer explains that the agent is a subcontractor working for the mayor.

Spider-Man brings Robyn to the others, getting annoyed by her constant talking. In anger, the Blackbird agent blasts Robyn. But instead of hurting her, she grows to an enormous height. To make matters worse, they are surrounded by several Blackbird Security agents.

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Comic Cover for Avenging Spider-Man (#9)
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