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1st Appearance of Aquagirl

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May 1967
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  • * 1st APPEARANCE of "AQUAGIRL" (Tula)
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Stories May contain spoliers

* 1st and Only Appearance "Doctor Dorsal"

Aquaman and Aqualad help rescue passengers from a jet plane that crashed into the ocean. Aqualad keeps the younger survivors calm by getting them to engage in a sing-along. Moments later, Aqualad meets Tula, a girl he once remembered as a "gawky pig-tailed kid". Tula is all grown up now and has set her sights on Aqualad. She convinces him to abandon his position as Aquaman's sidekick to spend his days dancing and partying with her. Aqualad dubs her "Aquachick" and brings her back to Atlantis. He tells Aquaman and Mera that he is leaving and Mera explodes with anger. Aquaman calms her down and tells her that Aqualad must make his decisions.

Aqualad and Aquagirl go to an underwater discotheque operated by a man named Doctor Dorsal. Dorsal is secretly a water-breather like them, but hails from another dimension. Impressed with the teens' skills, he hires them on as his house dancers. Aqualad and Aquagirl become huge hits and earn the admiration of their deep sea diving, air-breathing peers.

There is more to Doctor Dorsal than meets the eye though. After the dance club closes, he brings Aqualad and Aquagirl into his private office where he uses two special eels to hypnotize them. He decides to use them commit grandiose thefts on his behalf.
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