DC | Back To Aquaman | December 1963 | Volume 1 | USA | 32 Owned
1st issue to feature two stories

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December 1963
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     * The Menace Of The Land-Sea BEASTS! * The COSMIC GLADIATORS! 

    * 1st issue to feature two stories

    Story 1: A lab assistant named Kirk, uses the technology of his employer, Dr. Cyrus Beard to evolve lab animals into hideous creatures. Taking control of them, he stages several attacks on sailing vessels, looting the ships after the creatures destroy them. Aquaman arrives in time to stop Kirk and returns the animals back to normal.

    Story 2: An alien conqueror named Tiros abducts Aquaman and Aqualad and forces them to compete in gladiatorial combat on the watery world of Sidius. The two heroes inspire other prisoners to revolt against Tiros and they succeed in overthrowing him. With Tiros out of the way, Aquaman's new friends find a way to send Aqualad and he back to Earth.
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    Comic Cover for Aquaman (#12)
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