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1st Appearance of Jimmy Olsen

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November 1938
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  • 1st Appearance "Jimmy Olsen" (James Olsen)
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 The Man Who Sold Superman 

At the Daily Star offices, Clark Kent is introduced to Nick Williams, who claims to be Superman's manager. He says Superman has given him all commercial rights to the Superman name, and if the paper agrees to keep mentioning Superman, he'll give them a share of the profits. Clark Kent doubts the authenticity of his words, so Williams invites Kent to meet Superman at his house tonight.

Officeboy Jimmy Olsen (not yet named as such) is listening outside the door, and he mentions what he heard to Lois Lane. She immediately goes up to Clark and asks him out on a date.

They go out to a nightclub and hear a singer singing her new song "You're A Superman". Lois slips a drug into Clark's drink that is supposed to make him fall asleep. She leaves to meet up with Williams and Superman. Clark Kent stops pretending to sleep, changes into Superman, and heads over to Williams's house.

The fake Superman comes in and performs some fake feats of strength. But Lois is not fooled. When she tries to leave, Williams grabs her and throws her out the window.

Luckily, Superman happens along at just that time, and he jumps in the air and catches her. Williams and the fake Superman see him and run away, but Superman catches up with them and carries them to the police station. Fake Superman admits guilt to the attempted murder charge, and both he and Williams go to jail.

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