Universe : Earth-616
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“Forge was born to a Cheyenne tribe, and was gifted with great shaman potential. He was raised by Naze to become a great shaman and to defeat their nemesis The Adversary. He spent most of his youth under Naze's training. At puberty, his mutant powers manifested. He was now able to understand any mechanical device and could create an device that he could imagine. His powers made him doubt whether he should continue to train as a shaman since they seemed to clash with his mystical heritage. This confusion made him rebel against Naze and his teachings. He enlisted in the army and was shipped to Vietnam. While there he used his powers to create weapons and other tech. Forge was soon promoted to sergeant and was even offered a spot in S.H.I.E.L.D, but he rejected it. During the war he was confronted with great personal dilemmas such as having to kill a very young man of the Vietnamese troops and the responsibility of leading an entire squad.

When Forge's platoon was all wiped out he felt responsible and blamed himself for the death of his men. Determined and hardened by this guilt, he cast an ancient forbidden spell that he had learned during his training to become a shaman. Using the souls of his deceased comrades, Forge was able to summon a group of demons that would prove to be a vital asset. The demons helped him defeat the Vietnamese troops soon after. After the Vietnamese troops had been defeated, the demons refused to stop and he was forced to call in an air strike that would vanquish them. This incident resulted in the loss of his right hand and leg. Furthermore, it would come to be discovered that the spectral gate he had opened during his spell would act as a doorway for The Adversary to arrive on earth. After this, Forge vowed to never use magic again. He instead dedicated himself to training his mutant abilities and was able to create advanced replacements for his missing hand and leg.”


Volume 1 August 1984