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Help Locating / Identifying Comics

Need help identifying or locating specific comics? Ask the community here.
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Berni Wrightson: A Look Back...A rare volumn

from Fleazz
16 hours ago
from Fleazz
6 1

Original Pep Comics The Shield #35 1943

from Dm032985
12 days ago
from sclingerman
28 2

Saint of Killers

from iron_puppy
13 days ago
from Gilgandra
26 4

Spider-Man/Deadpool #1.MU

from prof2780
15 days ago
from prof2780
30 5

Juliet Jones #16

from mnaz21
from Defiant1
33 4

missing title: Teen Life

from spudboy33
from spudboy33
10 1

New to Comic Books

from Libros1700
from Defiant1
91 5

Secret six issue 1 variant

from Bve76
from Bve76
15 1

Top Secret Press Company & Books Not Found

from marcushill38
from marcushill38
34 3

Captain Canuck First Summer Special

from glennsim
from glennsim
26 3

RARE lady death Reckoning

from Macmike1983
from rllewis
34 2

Need Help with XMen #1 Covers Signed by Jim Lee

from Ragsdale29
from Ragsdale29
47 7

Death's Head & Dragon's Claws

from majyktryx
from kds_comics
16 2

Heavy Metal Presents

from badahl
from kds_comics
58 4

Serenity The Shepherd's Tale

from iron_puppy
from iron_puppy
40 3

Avengers Disassembled: Thor

from iron_puppy
from iron_puppy
25 3

Dark Crystal Creation Myths separated

from iron_puppy
from iron_puppy
23 3

Spider-Girl: A Fresh Start

from iron_puppy
from Defiant1
71 8

Trying to find old superhero encyclopedia?

from sdkeslar
from Defiant1
54 7

Spawn-Batman DC

from tre1018
from rixmaxx
38 2
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