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Is Sabretooth REALLY the NEW Wolverine? Read More

Is Sabretooth REALLY the NEW Wolverine?

By JohnnySpruce -

On October 17th, Ex-Marvel PR man James Viscardi‘s ComicBook.com gave us a sneak peek at the new Uncanny Avengers lineup, post Axis and immediately, fans on message boards across the globe were like, “Sabretooth is the NEW…

The Top 10 Hottest Comics for October, 2014 Read More

The Top 10 Hottest Comics for October, 2014

By JohnnySpruce -

Welcome everyone to the October Edition of the Top Ten Hottest Comics, from Coast to Coast. Read, enjoy, and please leave comments below! 10 – Amazing Spider-man #4 Now there’s a few reasons why THIS issue is such a hot book on…

Coming Soon to a Comic Shop Near You… Read More

Coming Soon to a Comic Shop Near You…

By Leland Dugger -

As much as I love all (ok… ok… ALMOST all) of the comic series that I’m currently reading, there’s always this part of me that is asking, “What else?” It’s some sort of unspoken desire to find that next big series.  Hear me…

Interview With the Vampire Read More

Interview With the Vampire

By Leland Dugger -

With just two short weeks until Halloween, I find myself trying to find time for favorite horror movies and Halloween specials from the past. If I read faster, I’d try to throw a few books into the mix that were also a good fit…

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