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Book of the Dead Read More

Book of the Dead

By Leland Dugger -

(Note: this contains no spoilers from the recently concluded season of The Walking Dead.  We’re not animals around here!) The Walking Dead is a bit of an anomaly among TV series. Even among comic book titles, for that matter. In…

Daredevil   Damn! Read More

Daredevil Damn!

By rickf -

Ok I jammed and binged watched DAREDEVIL this weekend (challenge accepted, challenge defeated). I will not ruin anything with spoilers. However this is what I believe all of us comic geeks (and I say I am a Comic Geek with great…

Everything Old is New Again Read More

Everything Old is New Again

By Leland Dugger -

Once again it seems that comic readers are faced with the end of an era. Yes, in June the long-running monthly series, Archie, will come to an end. A rather ignominious end considering its final issue will be #666. Seriously? …

Rabbit Redux Read More

Rabbit Redux

By Leland Dugger -

Seymour S. Sassafrass: “Hello again! I’m Seymour S. Sassafrass. Hopefully you were with us last week as we thrilled to the first half of the original script to the quasi-classic holiday special, Here Comes Peter Cottontail. If…

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