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Spin City Read More

Spin City

By Leland Dugger -

I’m not a big fan of grocery shopping. Considering how much I enjoy eating, this is a bit sad. But I find the whole process to be a bit of an ordeal. It’s not so much actually shopping for the food itself. In fact, budget…

Smallville Read More


By Leland Dugger -

On Friday, fans will be standing in line ready for the next big Marvel movie.  Maybe.  While I’m looking forward to Ant-Man, I’m not really getting a sense that a lot of other comic fans are.  Maybe the hero is just not quite…

Say Goodbye to Hollywood Read More

Say Goodbye to Hollywood

By Leland Dugger -

An Open Letter to Hollywood (specifically Directors, Producers, and Screenwriters): Ok, we’re deep in the middle of July, and I’m sure all of you are busy counting up the receipts from the summer blockbusters and filming those…

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