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Rabbit Season Read More

Rabbit Season

By Leland Dugger -

Another holiday is just around the corner. And for those of us who grew up suckling at the TV remote (or knob), you know what that guaranteed: a holiday special! Now of course there were some that made perfect sense: Santa Claus…

Ender’s Game Read More

Ender’s Game

By Leland Dugger -

I’ve never read Skullkickers. Oh, don’t misunderstand. I have no personal aversion to the series. It’s actually one of those books that resides on my ever-growing list of…

Rogue Rules Read More

Rogue Rules

By Leland Dugger -

This month marks 75 years of Flash comics. That’s absolutely amazing! Especially when you consider most books now don’t even make it 75 issues. There have been so many great stories… great creators… and great characters (Wal-ly!…

Comic Book People Vol 2 – Be Part of History Read More

Comic Book People Vol 2 – Be Part of History

By rickf -

Following the best pictoral history of our Hobby , Jackie Estrada is now publishing vol 2 of The Comic Book People. These books take the reader on a trip thru the history of our hobby in ways that usually are left to the…

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