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Son of a Rich Read More

Son of a Rich

By Leland Dugger -

I didn’t have a wealth of Richie Rich comic books as a kid. (Like how I did that? Wealth… rich… Ah, never mind.)  One of the few was also one of my very first comic books, the summer 1977 issue of Richie Rich & Casper. Another…

It’s Another Depressing Ending, Charlie Brown! Read More

It’s Another Depressing Ending, Charlie Brown!

By Leland Dugger -

Some months ago, I had the opportunity to present the original script to the holiday favorite, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Following some more extensive research, it seems there are other holiday specials with earlier…

It’s Vader Time! Read More

It’s Vader Time!

By Leland Dugger -

It is a period a few years after Civil War. DC Comics, striking via a drastic relaunch, have won their first sales victory in years against their Marvelous competition. During the ensuing years, readers managed to find their…

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